For absoulte clarity, this will not meet the criteria of a "Secuiry or similar instrument".

Consider Kickstarter

Consideration 1) Users 'donate' or 'gamble' or 'contribute' to the success of a project that wouldn't otherwise be commercially viable.
Consideration 2) If a Kickstarter campaign succeeds, the contributors are "Rewarded" with what the manufacturing process yields.
Consideration 3) Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees "Equal Access to and Benefit of The Law".

With respect to DOC

1) Contributors understand that the project may succeed, or may not. They understand that it is not otherwise commercially viable (to create such high-tech software and release it free to the public for the betterment of mankind).
2) If it does succeed, there are a few things that are 'manufactured' including: The Open Source Software, Bug Bounties in the form of Ether, Secured Software
3) Unless a regulator wants to provide me with a definition of security that I can congruently plug in to a prologue script--one that doesn't generate an unsatisfiable 'system of equations' where both the definition of 'Charter Equality' and the definition of 'Security' cannot coexist--I would recommend viewing this as a Kickstarter-type project.